Golden Malinois Cattery dedicates it’s resources to providing belgian malinois puppies of excellent temperament, raised in a loving and caring environment. Our puppies are potty trained, litter box trained and are open to more advanced training if need be.
Here are a few tips and what to expect when buying a belgian malinois puppy from us:
  • Standby to receive an email or text message from us regarding your inquiry.
  • Be ready to answer some¬† questions to determine your eligibility and readiness to own one of our belgian malinois puppies.
  • Note that we reserve the right to accept or decline your inquiry into purchasing one of our belgian malinois puppies.

Once you have been approved for sale, you’ll be provided with a sales contract and transfer of ownership to complete the transaction. We accept pickups or do home deliveries based on your location and availability.

We thank you for getting to this point in your journey to owning one of our belgian malinois puppies and hope to have a lasting relationship with you.