Aidi Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

06 July 2024

1. The Aidi dog often displays alertness and confidence through their upright posture and raised tail.

2. When they feel threatened or scared, Aidis may lower their tail and crouch down in a defensive position.

3. Aidi dogs are known to have a strong pack mentality, and they often communicate this through their body language with other dogs.

4. Their ears are also a significant part of their body language - pricked ears show attentiveness, while ears laid back reveal fear or submission.

5. As a highly active breed, Aidis may exhibit restless behavior when they are not receiving enough exercise or stimulation.

6. They may also become destructive and chew on objects if they are not mentally stimulated.

7. When an Aidi is content and relaxed, they may wag their tail gently or even roll over onto their back to show submission.

8. However, a tense and tightly wagging tail can indicate that the dog is feeling agitated or uneasy.

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