Amazing Travel Tips for Caucasian Mountain Dog Owners

06 July 2024

1. Ensure your Caucasian Mountain Dog is up to date on vaccinations and has necessary travel documents before embarking on any trip.

2. When packing, remember to bring enough food, water, bowls and toys for your dog.

3. Do some research prior to your trip to find hotels, campsites and other accommodations that welcome large dog breeds like the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

4. Always carry a first aid kit for your dog, including any medication they may need.

5. Consider bringing a portable dog crate or bed for your dog's comfort and security.

6. Planning on hiking or going on outdoor activities? Make sure to pack a dog-friendly insect repellent and tick remover.

7. During long car rides, take frequent breaks for your dog to stretch its legs and go to the bathroom.

8. Be mindful of your dog's behavior and body language in unfamiliar places, and avoid crowded areas if your dog is prone to anxiety.

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