American Water Spaniel Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

08 July 2024

1. American Water Spaniels use their body language to communicate their emotions and needs to their owners.

2. They have a unique set of signals to convey different messages, such as wagging their tails to show excitement or crouching to show submission.

3. When they are feeling anxious or fearful, they may lower their heads and flatten their ears against their heads.

4. A raised tail with a slight curve can indicate curiosity or playfulness, while a raised tail with a straighter position can convey alertness or readiness for action.

5. American Water Spaniels also use their eyes to communicate, using direct eye contact to convey dominance or glancing away to show submission.

6. They may also use their mouths to communicate, such as gently nibbling or mouthing their owner's hand to show affection or excitement.

7. When feeling threatened or uncomfortable, they may show their teeth or growl to convey a warning.

8. Other behaviors, such as yawning, licking their lips, or panting can also indicate stress or discomfort in a certain situation.

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