Braque Francais Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

02 July 2024

1. When approaching new people, the Braque Francais may lower its tail and cower slightly, indicating fear.

2. These dogs also have a tendency to wag their tails vigorously when excited or happy.

3. Watch out for ears that are flat against head, as this indicates the dog is feeling threatened.

4. The Braque Francais may also exhibit submissive behavior by rolling on their back or avoiding eye contact.

5. If greeting another dog, they may raise their tail to show interest or playfulness.

6. Pay attention to their eyes, which can convey a range of emotions from fear to contentment.

7. A relaxed body with a slightly bowed head shows that the dog is in a calm and friendly state.

8. When feeling anxious, the Braque Francais may pant excessively and keep checking in with their owner.

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