Chinese Crested Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

07 July 2024

1. Chinese Crested dogs are known for their expressive body language, which communicates a range of emotions such as happiness, fear, and excitement.

2. When a Chinese Crested dog is happy, they may wag their tail, wiggle their body, and show a big open-mouthed grin.

3. On the other hand, when they are feeling anxious or nervous, their body language may include trembling, cowering, and lowered ears.

4. Like most dogs, Chinese Crested dogs also use their body language to convey their needs, such as scratching at the door when they need to go outside.

5. If a Chinese Crested dog wants to play, they may bounce around, paw at their owner, or bring a toy to initiate a game.

6. Some Chinese Crested dogs may exhibit submissive behavior, such as tucking their tail between their legs and avoiding eye contact, when meeting new people or dogs.

7. Yawning, licking their lips, and turning their head away can be signs of discomfort or unease in Chinese Crested dogs.

8. When a Chinese Crested dog feels protective of their owner or territory, they may stand tall, bark loudly, and show their teeth to intimidate perceived threats.

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