Common Health Issues in Miki Dog View Some Care Tips

02 July 2024

1. Miki dogs are prone to dental problems, so regular teeth cleaning and maintaining a healthy diet are crucial for their overall health.

2. Due to their small size, Miki dogs are susceptible to joint and bone-related issues, therefore, owners should ensure their exercise regimens are appropriate for their size and breed.

3. The flat face of the Miki dog can lead to respiratory problems, so it is important to limit their exposure to extreme temperatures and monitor their breathing during exercise.

4. Allergies are a common health issue for Miki dogs, so it is essential to keep their living environment clean and free of potential allergens.

5. Ear infections are a common health issue in Miki dogs, so regular ear cleaning and check-ups with a veterinarian are necessary for their well-being.

6. Miki dogs have a delicate immune system, so it is essential to keep them up to date on vaccinations and avoid exposing them to other sick animals.

7. Due to their long hair, Miki dogs are prone to matting and skin infections, so owners should brush their coats regularly and take them for grooming appointments as needed.

8. Hypothyroidism is a common health issue in Miki dogs, so owners should be vigilant in monitoring their dog's weight and activity levels to detect any changes.

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