English Shepherd Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

03 July 2024

1. The English Shepherd dog has a unique body language that helps them communicate with humans and other animals.

2. When a English Shepherd is feeling relaxed, their ears will hang low and their tail will wag slowly.

3. However, if they are feeling anxious or fearful, their ears will be flat against their head and their tail will be tucked between their legs.

4. A common signal of excitement or playfulness in English Shepherds is a high, wagging tail.

5. If they are feeling threatened, they may bare their teeth or growl, showing their dominance and protectiveness.

6. English Shepherds are known for their strong herding instincts, which can be observed through their intense stare and crouched body posture.

7. In contrast, a relaxed English Shepherd will have a more open and loose body position, with a soft gaze.

8. Averting their gaze or turning their head away can be a sign of submission or being unsure.

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