Fun Activities for Pekingese Dog

04 July 2024

1. Pekingese dogs love to participate in agility courses, chasing after toys and running through tunnels.

2. Another fun activity for Pekingese dogs is a game of fetch, where they can show off their impressive jumping skills.

3. These fluffy pups also enjoy playing with stuffed animals and chasing them around the house.

4. Pekingese dogs are natural performers and would thrive in activities like dog dancing or freestyle obedience.

5. A great bonding activity for Pekingese dogs and their owners is learning new tricks together, like playing dead or rolling over.

6. These little dogs are surprisingly good at swimming and would have a blast splashing around in a kiddie pool.

7. Going for a hike or a leisurely walk in the park is a wonderful activity for Pekingese dogs to explore and socialize.

8. Pekingese dogs also have a love for food, so hiding treats around the house for them to find can be a fun game.

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