Great Dane Mix Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

08 July 2024

1. Great Dane mix dogs have a unique body language to communicate their feelings and needs to their owners.

2. One of the common body language signals of a Great Dane mix is the position of their tail.

3. If a Great Dane mix's tail is wagging rapidly, it shows excitement and happiness, while a low and slow wag signals caution.

4. Raised fur on their back or hackles can indicate aggression or fear in a Great Dane mix.

5. When a Great Dane mix is feeling anxious or scared, they may pant heavily and drool excessively.

6. Another important aspect of a Great Dane mix's body language is their ears. An alert dog will have their ears up and forward.

7. A Great Dane mix who is feeling submissive or scared may have their ears down and back.

8. It's also crucial to pay attention to a Great Dane mix's eyes, as they can reveal a lot about their emotional state.

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