Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

07 July 2024

1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have a confident body language, with their heads held high and a strong, steady gait.

2. These dogs are very alert, with their ears forward and their body leaning slightly forward in anticipation.

3. When feeling excited or happy, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs may wag their entire body, including their tail, in a playful manner.

4. However, if they sense danger or feel threatened, they may raise their hackles and become more defensive.

5. A relaxed Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will typically have a neutral body position and may even lay down on its belly in a submissive gesture.

6. If the dog's tail is tucked between its legs, it is a sign of fear or anxiety.

7. A dominant dog may try to establish its status by standing over other dogs or people and making direct eye contact.

8. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are known to be vocal, and they may bark or growl to communicate their emotions or needs.

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