Newfoundland Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

02 July 2024

1. Newfoundland dogs have a calm and gentle demeanor, but their body language can reveal a lot about their mood and intentions.

2. When happy, these dogs will often wag their tail in a relaxed manner and may even approach with a playful bounce.

3. However, when feeling threatened or uneasy, Newfoundlands may lower their head and ears, and tense up their body.

4. Raised hackles and a deep growl are clear indicators of aggression or discomfort in these gentle giants.

5. Another common behavior in Newfoundland dogs is leaning against their owners or others for physical support and affection.

6. They may also roll over onto their back to show submission or trust in their human companions.

7. A slow, deliberate wag of their tail could mean they are assessing a situation, while a quick wag suggests excitement.

8. Newfoundlands are also known for their strong desire to please, so they may eagerly bring their toys or other objects to their owners.

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