Norwich Terrier Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

04 July 2024

1. Norwich Terriers are known for their expressive body language and clear signals to communicate with their owners.

2. When a Norwich Terrier's tail is wagging, it typically indicates excitement or happiness.

3. On the other hand, a tucked tail can indicate fear, anxiety, or discomfort in the dog.

4. Norwich Terriers tend to have perky, erect ears when they are alert and interested.

5. If their ears are flat against their head, it can be a sign of submission or fear.

6. When a Norwich Terrier jumps up and down, it can mean they are eager to play or excited to see someone.

7. Snarling or growling is the dog's way of showing aggression or defensiveness.

8. A relaxed posture with a slightly wagging tail usually means the dog is content and at ease.

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