Shih Tzu Mix Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

07 July 2024

1. Shih Tzu mix dogs have a distinctive body language that can reflect their emotions.

2. One key signal is when they tilt their head to the side, showing curiosity and attentiveness.

3. A happy or relaxed Shih Tzu mix will have a soft and relaxed expression on their face.

4. You may also notice them wagging their tail, which is a sign of excitement or happiness.

5. When a Shih Tzu mix is feeling anxious or stressed, they may cower or tuck their tail between their legs.

6. Their ears can also give away their mood - raised ears show alertness, while flattened ears indicate fear.

7. Barking is another way Shih Tzu mix dogs communicate, with a high-pitched sound expressing happiness and a lower, constant bark indicating discomfort.

8. These dogs also use their body to show submission, like rolling onto their back or avoiding direct eye contact.

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