Show Quality Caucasian Mountain Dog: Breed Standards and Characteristics

11 July 2024

1. The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a large and majestic breed, known for its strength, loyalty, and courage.

2. The breed standards for the Caucasian Mountain Dog include a strong and muscular body, with a thick, weather-resistant coat.

3. Known for its strong protective instinct, these dogs make excellent guard dogs and are fiercely loyal to their families.

4. With a height of 25-30 inches and a weight of 90-170 pounds, the Caucasian Mountain Dog is a formidable presence.

5. This breed is known to have a calm and confident demeanor, making them great companions for experienced dog owners.

6. The Caucasian Mountain Dog has a double coat that comes in a variety of colors such as white, gray, and fawn.

7. This breed is commonly used as a livestock guardian in their native regions and needs proper socialization and training.

8. The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a low maintenance breed and only requires occasional brushing to maintain its coat.

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