Show Quality Shih Tzu Mix Dog: Breed Standards and Characteristics

09 July 2024

1. The Shih Tzu mix dog is a unique breed that possesses both the charm of a Shih Tzu and the energy of its mix, making it a perfect show dog.

2. This breed is known for its elegant and eye-catching appearance, with long, flowing hair and a lively personality.

3. Shih Tzu mix dogs are compact and sturdy, with a height of 8-11 inches and a weight of 9-16 pounds, making them an ideal lapdog.

4. They have a lively and friendly temperament, making them a great companion for people of all ages.

5. This breed's coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns, adding to its already beautiful appearance.

6. The Shih Tzu mix dog has a distinct underbite, with its lower jaw slightly longer than its upper jaw, giving it a unique and adorable look.

7. These dogs are highly intelligent and can be trained easily, making them an ideal breed for shows and competitions.

8. They have a moderate energy level and enjoy daily walks and playtime, but are also content with relaxing at home.

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