Some Amazing Facts About Pet Dog

01 July 2024

1. Dogs were domesticated over 12,000 years ago and are believed to be descendants of wolves.

2. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph.

3. Dogs have three eyelids, one of which is used for keeping their eyes moisturized.

4. The average life span of a dog is around 10-13 years, with some small breeds living up to 20 years.

5. The Basenji is the only breed of dog that cannot bark, but they can still make a yodeling sound.

6. Dalmatians are born pure white and develop their spots as they grow up.

7. The Saluki is considered the oldest dog breed, dating back to ancient Egypt.

8. Dogs have a unique ability to understand human emotions and can even sense when their owners are sad.

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