Strategies for Raising a Friendly Swedish Vallhund Dog

11 July 2024

1. Start early socialization and positive reinforcement training to build a friendly foundation for your Swedish Vallhund dog. (

) 2. Expose your dog to various environments and people to prevent shyness and fear. (

) 3. Use rewards and praise when your dog shows friendly behavior towards strangers or other animals. (

) 4. Encourage proper manners, such as not jumping or barking excessively, through consistent training. (

) 5. Create a calm and positive atmosphere at home to foster a relaxed and friendly attitude in your dog. (

) 6. Regularly take your dog on walks and to dog parks to socialize and practice friendly interactions. (

) 7. Introduce your dog to different animals, including other dogs, cats, and small pets, to promote friendliness towards all species. (

) 8. Teach your dog to respect boundaries and personal space to avoid any potential hostility towards people or animals. (

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