Training Tips for Chinese Shar-Pei Dog For More Potential

02 July 2024

1. Consistency is key in training your Chinese Shar-Pei for optimal potential.

2. Positive reinforcement is crucial in teaching your Shar-Pei new behaviors.

3. Start training your Shar-Pei at a young age to establish good habits early on.

4. Patience is a must when training your Shar-Pei, as they may be more independent and stubborn than other breeds.

5. Socialize your Shar-Pei with different people and animals to prevent any aggression.

6. Try using treats or toys as rewards during training to keep your Shar-Pei motivated.

7. Avoid harsh punishment, as Shar-Peis can have a sensitive temperament.

8. Keep training sessions short and frequent to prevent your Shar-Pei from getting bored or frustrated.

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