Utonagan Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

07 July 2024

1. Utonagan dogs have a wide variety of body language signals, from tail wags to facial expressions, that communicate their emotions and needs.

2. When a Utonagan dog holds their tail high and wags it slowly, it is a sign of confidence and friendliness.

3. A lowered tail that is curled between the dog's legs can indicate fear, anxiety, or submission in Utonagans.

4. Utonagan dogs also use their ears to communicate, with pricked ears meaning alertness and dropped ears indicating relaxation.

5. Avoiding eye contact or turning their head away can show that a Utonagan is feeling uncomfortable or submissive.

6. When playing, Utonagans may make play bows, where their front legs are lowered and their hind end is raised, inviting their playmate to engage.

7. Dogs who are anxious or stressed may yawn, lick their lips, or pant excessively as a way to release tension.

8. Barking is another form of communication for Utonagans, with high-pitched barks expressing happiness and low, deep barks indicating aggression.

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