Westiepoo Dog Behavior: Their Body Language and Signals

11 July 2024

1. Westiepoo dogs are known for their lively and friendly behavior, often wagging their tails and eagerly approaching humans for attention.

2. When a Westiepoo is feeling anxious or uncomfortable, they may cower, tuck their tails between their legs, or even bark excessively.

3. Raised fur along the dog's back and bared teeth are clear signs of aggression in a Westiepoo, a behavior that should not be ignored.

4. Like other dogs, Westiepoos may use their paws to communicate with their owners, such as pawing at their legs when they want to play.

5. It's important to pay attention to a Westiepoo's ears - they may be perked up and alert when happy, but flat against their heads when scared.

6. If a Westiepoo is feeling relaxed and content, they may roll onto their back and expose their belly, a universal sign of trust and submission.

7. When meeting new people or dogs, a Westiepoo may sniff their faces as a way of getting to know them and establishing a bond.

8. If your Westiepoo starts barking and growling while standing still and staring intently, they are most likely trying to alert you of something.

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